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​'Everything You Wanted To Know About A Bellydancer But Were Too Afraid To Ask"

Keyboard Baby

Comedy  Storytelling and Bellydancing not to mention Readings



If you like long winded stories with a twist at the end, hot-potch of comedy, performed by a middle-aged woman in an over-the-top costume who still has a bit of lead in her pencil.

Featuring dance, comic tales, storytelling, and belly laughs.

Illustrated High Heels


Have stoy will travel. I have told many in my life in cluding the storytelling center in Edinburgh, lots of action, sillness and as long a peice of string.  i fyouwoul like as tory teller 


my routine stretches from


Drawing from the rich life of a show off with nothing to loose, finding 60 minutes of material will not be diffcuilt---so I tell myself.


Apart from a decent set of bras I have had wonderful training from Tricky Hat production

And the who will show case a snap shot of whats to come in sunny Oban.

My underwire is bristling with excitment!

Fashionable Girls
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