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​'Everything You Wanted To Know About A Bellydancer But Were Too Afraid To Ask"

Keyboard Baby

A brand new one-woman show



A hot-potch of comedy, performed by a middle-aged woman in an over-the-top costume who still has a bit of lead in her pencil.

Featuring dance, comic tales, storytelling, and belly laughs.

Illustrated High Heels


Something with  Egyptian drums and bag pipes. Yes! There is such a thing which many in old folks home  can testify to...



My daughter is a costume dsigner 

So no worries on that score but it will be as over the top as Nefertiti and as washable as a pair of knickers.


Drawing from the rich life of a show off with nothing to loose, finding 60 minutes of material will not be diffcuilt---so I tell myself.


Apart from a decent set of bras I have had wonderful training from Tricky Hat production

And  support from the

Fashionable Girls
My underwire is bristling with excitment!
The Gathering 2022 103.jpg

Interested? then contact me on the contact page

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