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A Dame Called Derek

Panto Comedy

A romantic comedy with no age limits. Derek wants freedom from the pantomime, George the director and his mother. His mother, however, is determined her son will be the greatest Dame ever and as she holds the purse strings neither Derek or George can argue.


George befriends Charlie the writer and Deloris the costume designer. Together they create a costume and a part that has Derek running for his life-until his mother finds out. Then it is George who is not only running for his life but out of the pantomime, leaving Derek to fend for himself. Will Derek break free or play the most miserable dame in a dress as laughable as a cat in pajamas?

A Dame Called Derek is the first novella in the Diva Diaries series. A laugh a minute farce set in the world of Scottish amateur dramatics. You will find romance, comic setups, and a fire, of epic proportion with an ending that will intrigue, entertain and have you chuckling in your shoes.

DAME CALLED DEREK _ eBook cover.jpg
DAME CALLED DEREK _ eBook cover.jpg
DAME CALLED DEREK _ eBook cover.jpg

A Dame Called Derek

Book One of Diva Diaries Series

I completely enjoyed this novella. I cannot believe Ms Noor took such a simple concept - a story about a panto- and turned it into something hilarious. Such fun! The characters (which could be straight out of a British sitcom) come alive through the witty dialogue. They each have their own –loud- voice. I loved all of them and had a total clear image –in my head- of Charlie, Deloris, Francis, Daisy, George, Derek, Catrina even the postman! Witty. Clever. Super funny. Imagine Gervais’ The Office in a book!

Amazon Reveiwer - 5 Stars

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