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When I discovered Belly dancing I discovered a way to feel good which didn’t involve the gym, holding in my stomach or a bottle of wine.  Alone and in a bad place belly dancing is what got me up in the morning, and started me thinking. If belly dancing could make me feel good, could it change others?


At the time I was trying to become a writer with Mills and Boon but everything I wrote ended in a joke.  Then I realise I wasn't a romance writer I was a romantic comedy writer. Which is just as well because I have a passion for satire.


Soon a host of comic women appeared and Sheryl's Last Stand was born.


The Belly Dancing and Beyond Series

Sheryl's Last Stand

A Romantic Satire

Laugh out loud stories about a group of women who have at one time or another danced with the great Nefertiti. Each book is a stand-alone tale jam packed with characters you will grow to love, maybe hate but will definitely want to read about again.


Where does she start?

With a newly discovered passion for belly dancing, Sheryl sets out to chase her fantasies. But, with a teacher like Nefertiti, and mother like Beatrice chasing your fantasies is easier said than done…

Sheryl’s Last Stand is a Bridget Jones type comedy with a heroine we can all relate to and a great read if you’re having one of those "stick your head in the sand-I don’t want to get out of bed" days.

Sheryl makes you laugh, cry but most of all not give up.

The Downfall of a Belly Dancer

A Romantic Satire

Nefertiti, belly dancer extraordinaire, has lost her mojo. At one time, she was a great dancer, now she runs a belly dancing class and her numbers are dwindling. Zumba has stormed into town and taken all but three of her pupils.

Disappointed, Nefertiti turns to Rodger, her partner and ‘rock’; but Rodger has other plans.

Nefertiti however is not one to take things lying down. She takes rejection by the scruff of the neck and gives it a good shake; she's fifty-five and has no time to waste. With comic results, and twists that will have you laughing out loud, Nefertiti faces defeat.  She is a woman of extremes who, in end, will surprise you.

The Downfall of a Belly dancer is a bitter sweet comedy for women who are looking for something different.  . 

Four Takeaways and a Funeral

A Romantic Satire

There is more to getting married than organising dips. Mavis and Lumpy are getting married. It is to be a small affair with a hot and spicy theme, a few close friends, and a celebrant on Skype. "We want no fuss," said Mavis. "Just lots of food, great photos, and belly-dancing."


Mavis’s idea of hot and spicy is not Lumpy’s, and Lumpy’s idea of great photos is definitely not Mavis’s. Mavis and Lumpy argue over everything from the venue to the size of the paper plates, and as their relationship spirals out of control Mavis loses her mother and is forced  to come to terms with a past she’d rather forget.

With a funeral befitting a sitcom, sibling rivalry on a par with a Shakespearean tragedy and a dying mother's impossible wish; Mavis and Lumpy relationship crumbles like a burnt chapatti. And it is up to Nefertiti to make “things” right-so she thinks.

Four Takeaways and a Funeral is a deliciously sweet comedy for those who believe romance is not only for the young. 

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