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When I discovered Belly dancing I discovered a way to feel good which didn’t involve the gym, holding in my stomach or a bottle of wine.  Alone and in a bad place belly dancing is what got me up in the morning, and started me thinking. If belly dancing could make me feel good, could it change others?


At the time I was trying to become a writer with Mills and Boon but everything I wrote ended in a joke.  Then I realise I wasn't a romance writer I was a romantic comedy writer. Which is just as well because I have a passion for satire.


Soon a host of comic women appeared and Sheryl's Last Stand was born.


The Belly Dancing and Beyond Series

Sheryl's Last Stand

A Romantic Satire

With a newly discovered passion for belly dancing Sheryl sets out to chase her dreams but with Atilla the Hun for a mother will she manage to step out the front door?

Sheryl the wrong side of thirty-five has seen better days she has lost her job, her home and the ability to say no to chocolate. Under the watchful eye of her mother Sheryl must start again, a mother with as much sensitivity as a comedian and the sort of manipulating skills a car salesman would kill for.

Sheryl, a soft touch is wilting.

The only thing she has in common with her mother is a passion for American Wrestling and decent whiskey. They spend their nights rooting for Johnstone a wrestler as believable as Die Hard until Sheryl discovers Bellydancing.

Sheryl is a natural at Bellydancing and dreams of performing in the sort of costume that would have her mother choking on her ‘you’re too fat” comments and when the wrestlers come to town Sheryl grabs her chance. She wins tickets to the wrestling event and the chance to not only meet Johnstone but Bellydance. Sheryl sees hope, happiness and perhaps something more until her mother finds out. Sheryl has two choices and thanks to way too many whiskeys makes the wrong one.

Will Sheryl dig herself out of the hole she has made for herself or will she hang up her co/in belt for good destined for a life of TV, chocolate and whiskey?

The Downfall of a Belly Dancer

A Romantic Satire

Nefertiti’s dance classes are empty, her performance calendar blank, will she rise above the ashes of a lost dream or pull the duvet over her head and hide?

At one time, Nefertiti was a dancer people queued to see, now she runs a belly dancing class in the middle of nowhere and the numbers have dwindled to the janitor and his cat. Disappointed Nefertiti turns to her partner and ‘rock’ but he has other plans.  Dropped like a hot potato Nefertiti tries to pick up the pieces but when you’re single on a shoestring with an ego the size of the Grand Canyon getting up in the morning is as good as it gets.

Her ‘rock’ turns into an annoying pebble in a shoe, and soon Nefertiti finds herself fighting overall they built together from their book shop to the cottage they lived in. She feels alone until she stumbles across a bag lady in front of the co-op with a past the locals make up. After fifty-five years of self-absorption Nefertiti finds herself caring for a woman who spends her days singing off-key for a living and despite what people say allows the bag lady to camp in her garden, until the council steps in.

The public wants the bag lady cleaned up and pushed out like a used car and Nefertiti finds herself torn between trying to save her new lodger, paying the bills, and convincing her ex to be reasonable despite him maintaining that she never was.

Will she win her battle with the council, her ex, and save the bag lady or will she throw in the towel, along with her coin belt, and take up cleaning to pay the bills?

Four Takeaways and a Funeral

A Romantic Satire

Mavis and Lumpy are getting married, but they can’t agree on anything. Will they learn to compromise or break up over the size of their wedding cake?

Mavis and Lumpy argue over everything from the venue to the size of the paper plates and when Lumpy befriends the local Indian takeaway their relationship spirals out of control. Lumpy talks of a "curry" in the village hall while Mavis dreams of chandeliers and smoked salmon.

Mavis’s sister arrives to “sort things out”. She wins over Lumpy with hilarious budget ideas that would have Scrooge tap dancing, Mavis wants to tape dancing on her sister’s head and is on the verge of throwing it all in and join a nunnery when her mother dies.

With a funeral befitting a sitcom, sibling rivalry on a par with a Shakespearean tragedy, and a dying mother's impossible wish; Mavis and Lumpy relationship crumbles like a burnt chapatti, Lumpy is part of her mother’s dying wish.

Mavis is forced to do things she’d rather not, while her sister faces a past she’d rather forget and Lumpy skids between the two with no idea how to keep the peace. Will the funeral be the final straw for Mavis and Lumpy or is there a chance for something better?

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