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Kerrie Noor's 

Bitter-Sweet Comedies


When I discovered Belly dancing I discovered a way to feel good which didn’t involve the gym, holding in my stomach or a bottle of wine.  Alone and in a bad place belly dancing is what got me up in the morning, and started me thinking. If belly dancing could make me feel good, could it change others?


At the time I was trying to become a writer with Mills and Boon but everything I wrote ended in a joke.  Then I realise I wasn't a romance writer I was a romantic comedy writer. Which is just as well because I have a passion for satire.


Soon a host of comic women appeared and Sheryl's Last Stand was born.



The Belly Dancing and Beyond Series

Sheryl's Last Stand

A Romantic Satire

 “Broke, homeless, and addicted to chocolate, will Sheryl chase her dream or remain tied to her mother's purse strings?"


Thirty Shades of Red

Book One of Bellydancing and Beyond Series

For having given her readers a poignant romantic comedy I’m happy to give Ms. Noor 5 STARS.

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The characters are as beautifuly rounded as Sheryl's belly and you feel a real connection with them.

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The Downfall of a Belly Dancer

A Romantic Satire

Nefertiti’s dance classes are empty, and her performance calendar is blank. Will she rise above the ashes of a lost dream or pull the duvet over her head and hide?

Fifty Shades of Comedy

Book Two of Bellydancing and Beyond Series

I absolutely love 'The Downfall of a Belly Dancer' Ms. Noor's writing style is funny, witty, and rapid-paced.  

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Four Takeaways and a Funeral

A Romantic Satire

F Takeaways And A Funeral


Mavis and Lumpy are getting married, but they can’t agree on anything. Will they learn to compromise, or will they break up over the size of their wedding cake?


Fifty Shades of Romance

Book Three of Bellydancing and Beyond Series

Aching belly laugh

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A fun and captivating comedy by Kerrie Noor.

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Three Angry Women And A Baby

A heart Warming Comedy

Shell-shocked from a night of everlasting labour, Sheryl cannot muster a “coo” let alone feel anything. Will she find her maternal mojo again?



Once in a while I come across a book that I fall in love with. This is one.

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A witty and Charming story

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The Real Story Of "O"

Heather the builder who everyone loves has a past she's kept hidden. Her ex however has other ideas. Will he spill the beans?


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