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A few years ago I married into a Bangladesh family often helping in their Indian restaurant. Most of the time I was the only woman living in a culture different from my own.  I began to see stories in outsiders and before I knew it Planet Hy Man was born.

Book Three

Rebel Without A Crew

Planet H Man has toppled under the coup of the century and Mex must choose. Will she settled for her retirement fund or politicians too young to take seriously?

Planet Hyman is at a loss as their new and callous leader takes a sabbatical, she has found her "pleasure dome" and while she learns there is more to life than a new manifesto, a coup rises to the occasion. With Mex hungover in Scotland there is little to stand in their way apart from a hippy colony too chilled to care, a reporter with no scruples, and a missing set of batteries.

The coup has plans to runs things the “proletarian way” they are young, idealistic, and haven’t tasted luxury yet. They almost make it, grab the operations room, when their new and callous leader arises from her pleasure dome and grabs back her throne.

Will Mex pick up her leathers and defend the coupe, or return to her planet to recuperate from a Scottish “good night out”?


Book Two

Rebel Without A Bra

Planet Hy Man is in turmoil. Her leader lost on earth. Will Mex rise to the challenge or fade faster than her hair dye?

Mex is heading for the Edinburgh Festival in search of lost energy. Hot on her heels is Beryl, her leader who has already dropped Mex in it once and may do again. Beryl has a planet to save and an arch rival to beat. A feat made near impossible considering her arch-rival has taken over Beryl’s “operations room” along with every high- tech spying equipment going.

As time runs out Beryl turns to Mex. Mex having discovered gin hooks up with a troupe of performing transvestites, tosses her mobile to the wind, and delves into the seedier side of the festival. Saving Planet Hy Man could not be further from her mind if she was comatose.

Will Beryl convince Mex to sober up and save their planet or will Mex stick with the padded bras and all who wear them?

A cross between Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland and Red Dwarf, wonderfully quirky, with great dialogue and some laugh-out-loud moments.

Hilarious, offbeat and funny sci-fi novel, which was an absolute riot to read! I loved each and every humorous character, with their own silly antics and ticks that really made them stand apart from others.

Chick Lit Reviews - 5 Stars

Rebel Without A Clue

Book One

Men are a dying breed. Women reign supreme. When the boys swipe their spark, will girl power survive?

Mex is ready to hang up her catsuit and give in to grannyhood. With her flashiest heroics decades behind her, she can’t wait to relax in the luxury of her female-ruled home world. But when she’s ordered to recover her planet’s stolen energy source or watch her pension vanish, she has no choice but to don her leathers and head to the dreadful land of men.

As she combs Earth’s wasteland for the thieves while armed with little more than her skintight suit and a whip, Mex can’t tell what’s worse – the looks she draws or the chafing. But when she discovers her own cunning leader has been lying to everybody all along, she fears her retirement could be dead and buried.

Can Mex uncover the madcap truth in time to perk up her planet’s pizazz?

I enjoyed this book very much. I found myself laughing and nodding in agreement as I progressed.The characters were well written and the authors observations of life in Glasgow were very entertaining. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode to find out what the motley crew get up to.

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Oh so entertaining much head scratching, tongue in cheek, in your face, gaffe wonderment. So glad this will be a series!

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A Rediculously Funny
Sci Fi Comedy

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